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dDeaf Awareness Training              

St Johns Ambulance, HQ invited the Society to deliver a dDeaf Awareness talk to their volunteers.  On 4th June the Chairperson (Doreen Mills) and Secretary (Audrey Romeril) arrived for the session at Midvale Road, St Helier.  After a few hiccups with technology, the training commenced and was delivered to about 15 volunteers (some went to hide when we got the camera out).  The training was based around scenarios the volunteers may find themselves in whilst helping members of the public who may be dDeaf.  Some of the topics included were:-

  • how to recognise when a person may have a hearing loss and how to communicate with that person effectively.
  • what a hearing device may look like and the problems the user of that device may have when communicating.

The Society have received a thank you email  from St John's Ambulance which also said that the feedback on the session from the volunteers was that it had been 'excellent'.  We would like to thank St John's Ambulance for inviting us to deliver the training and helping us in our cause to spread the 'dDeaf Awareness' message further into the Community.





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