Jersey Olsen Mask

This is a fabric nose mask and transparent mouth shield.  Always wear a mouth shield with the nose mask.

It has been designated as an alternative to a standard cloth face mask when it is anticipated that the other person needs to lip read for effective communication


It protects the other person from your mouth 'splutter' as you talk.

The other person can read your lips from the front and side.

The nose mask & mouth shield provides you with some protection from droplets in much the same way as a cloth mask.

An optional filter in the nose mask gives you extra protection by filtering some air breathed in via the nostrils - though it must be remembered that you will also be taking in some air via the mouth when talking.

It does not look more peculiar than a standard cloth mask or head shield.

The mouth shield does not 'mist up' excessively.


Downloads below for the pattern and also 3 options of instructions, plus a link to an instructional video.


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