Good communication is key to everyone for their wellbeing. However when you have a hearing loss of any degree, it is not always easy for that communication to be successful.

The Disability Strategy for Jersey highlights this issue by having - Have support to communicate and access information - as its number 1 priority.  

There are many ways in which that support can be given depending on the needs of individuals.

The Society can provide Communication & dDeaf Awareness training to any Service Providers or Service Users.  Training can be bespoke to those who wish to attend a course, providing solutions to problems encountered in different work or home environments.  

To learn more about the training we can offer or to book a course, please contact -


The Society work very closely with Highlands College Adult Education Department and have provided financial support to ensure communication courses are available for the residents of Jersey.


Lip-reading classes are due to start ion the 31st October 2018

For more information about these courses contact the Audiology Department on :-

01534 442551 or  Fax 01534 442637



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