Keeping Safe

Fraud Warning From Jersey States Police - Click on the link below



If you have difficulity using a telephone because of hearing loss and you need to contact the Fire or Ambulance Service in an EMERGENCY you can

FAX on 01534 444731 or

TEXT on 07797 797934 


The Jersey dDeaf Society works closely with  Jersey Fire and Rescue Service to ensure that dDeaf residents can be safe in their homes when it comes to house fires. Anyone wanting advice about installing fire safety equipment should contact the Jersey Fire and Rescue Service at Rouge Bouillon, St Helier. 

Do you have a working Smoke Detector in your home?

Can you hear it?

For more information regarding fire safety in the home follow this link


Occupational Therapy  Ring the team on Tele No: 01534 443007. They will be able to give advice about assistive environmental equipment which will help dDeaf people in their home. 




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