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Working in Partnership with Ocupational Health

The Society work closely with Ocupational Health who often have referrals relating to residents who have a hearing impairmant.  The department will make an assessment of the communication needs of the referral.  If essential specialist equipment would be of benefit for the wellbeing of that person, but is beyond their budget, the Society may fund or part fund the specialist equipment.   

Working in Partnership with Jersey Heritage

Jersey Heritage contacted us as they wanted to make their visitor attractions more accessible to dDeaf visitors.  They asked if we could do a dDeaf audit of their tourist attractions and provide them with some ideas on how to improve the experience for dDeaf visitors. As a result of that work, we provided the funding for Jersey Heritage to purchase a portable loop system for each Reception area at their visitors centres.  Each loop has both of our logos on it 

We also provided funding for a Personal fm System Transmitter lapel microphone with Receiver 3 Neckloops for Tour Guide use. We are very proud of this Partnership work and hope to do more with other charities in the future.  

Jersey Heritage Loop 1

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