Community Work

Since 1947 the  Society has strived to help the local dDeaf community gain access to the same things in life as hearing residents.  This help can be given is comes in several ways, such as

  • social activities for members, their friends and family
  • the donation of, or funding towards, specialist communication equipment to improve quality of life
  • the donation of, or funding towards, specialist home & safety equipment 
  • funding towards Adult Education courses at Highlands College
  • signposting members to relevant service providers and organisations when necessary
  • Communication Awareness courses to service providers and voluntary organisations


Some of our projects are:

  • Funding to the State of Jersey Fire Service, to enable them to purchase specialist smoke detectors with vibration pads and carbon monoxide detectors for hearing impaired residents. (2014 & 2017)
  • Funding to Highlands College to facilitate a British Sign Language Level 3 course to be delivered in Jersey.  (2014)
  • Donation of hearing loop systems to some public buildings to facilitate better listening environments for hearing aid users, enabling them to use the 'T' (hearing loop function) on their hearing devices.  (2013)
  • Purchase specialist environmental aids for hearing impaired members and/or residents of Jersey who were on Income Support. 
  • Donation towards the setting up of the Hearing Resource Centre.
  • Donation of £75,000 to the States of Jersey to enable the Audiology Department to prescribe Digital Hearing Aids.


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