Causes of Hearing Loss

Possible causes of hearing loss include:

  1. Illness and Infections such as -  Bacterial Meningitis,  Encephalitis,  severe cases of Measles or Mumps,  chronic ear inflammations
  2. Long term exposure to noise.
  3. Accidents.
  4. Aging.
  5. Earwax.
  6. Chemotherapy and reactions to medication.
  7. Various  Syndromes. 


Noise Induced Hearing Loss

The most common cause of hearing loss is noise-induced hearing loss.  If you listen to loud music at a concert or on your MP3-player, for example, you may feel that you cannot hear so well afterwards. This happens because the fine hair cells in your hearing system are temporary damaged and if you are lucky after a period of quiet, they may fully recover. Hearing damage can begin with continuous noise levels of 85dB.

But, being subjected to extreme noise stress over a long period of time will damage the fine hair cells in your ears with no chance of regeneration and a permanent hearing loss will occur.

Noise stress is cause by:-

  • Loud music -  Listening to loud music at concerts or through headsets can be especially dangerous. The sound intensities through headsets can easily reach 110-120 dB. 
  • A sudden loud explosive sound like a firecracker can also cause noise induced hearing loss.
  • Noisy Workplace -  People who work lin loud environments such as construction, factory or airport-tarmac workers, and musicians should wear hearing protection.
Noise stress can also cause Tinnitus. This is often described as a  ringing in the ears, but it can occur in a variety of forms and sound levels.


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