Types of Hearing Loss

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Conductive Hearing Loss

Results from diseases or disorders which limit the transmission of sound through the outer or middle ear.  This type of loss can usually be treated medically or surgically.  In some cases, a hearing aid can also provide hearimg improvement.  

Sensorineural Hearing Loss 

Affects the inner ear or neural pathways.  Sound should be transmitted through the outer and middle ear, but the inner ear is less efficient in transmitting the sound.  This is usually happens when the hair cells or the fine nerve endings inside the cochlea are damaged.  When that has happened it results in a reduced perception of sound intensity and quality.  This type of hearing loss is usually compensated with a hearing aid which will amplify sound to overcome the decrease in hearing sensitivity. 

Mixed Hearing Loss

Is when a person has a mix of Sensorineural and Conductive hearing loss.  Treatment options usually include both medical and hearing aids.

Hearing devices of any kind do not restore a persons hearing, they only amplify sound to enable to wearing to hear more sounds.

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