Vibrating Pad and Strobe

Simple to use, the Strobe can be placed in a location that is regularly used in your property, whilst the Vibrating Pads can be placed under a pillow where you sleep or under a cushion where you sit
They respond to wireless signals from Wi-Safe smoke alarms or Wi-Safe carbon monoxide alarms (both sold separately) from around the house and activates the Strobe immediately, giving you an early warning and a better chance of escaping

Individual vibration patterns for smoke or carbon monoxide alert

Mains powered with a battery back up 

Provides protection when sounds alone may not be enough

The strobe features a Xenon bulb flashing strobe and LED status indicators

The Strobe and Vibrating Pad alarms are ideal for the most at risk groups such as:

  • hearing impaired
  • elderly
  • young children
  • infirm

For more information contact Connevans Limited who are specialists in dDeaf equipment.

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